Chapter 14 - Hamilton Motel
I got a phone call from Derek on a Wednesday evening telling me to meet him down in Hamilton the next night at 8pm. He was in a motel for a couple of nights for work and this evening it was boring so he wanted me there for Thursday night. It was a bit of a pain having to drive to Hamilton but I didn't think of an excuse fast enough... so had to do it.

Arriving about 7:45pm after finding the motel, I knocked on the door and Derek let me in before grabbing me around the kneck as soon as he'd locked the door. "About fucking time you got here bitch.. my dicks been hard for the last hour... get over to the chair and get on your knees!" He hauled me towards the chair while forcing me down onto my knees as he sat down, pulling my head into the groin of his trackpants. "Get your fucking nose in there bitch... feel my hard fucking dick!.... you're gonna look after my dick all fucking night.... you haven't got fucking pregnant to me yet you fucking bitch... so... you're going to have my dick inside that pussy all fucking night... you're to give me a fucking male heir..... bitch... I want a son for my successor... so you'll be taking my breeding seed all fucking night... gonna try and make sure you get fertilised before we leave here.... you hear me bitch?!!... I'm gonna make a baby in that tight little pussy of yours..."

'Here we go again' I thought. There's no way I'm getting pregnant to him. Anyway, he can't usually manage more then a couple of erections and climaxes overnight - so after all the usual theats he'll only manage to rape me probably fairly soon, then once more in the morning. I'll be asleep the rest of the time.. LOL.

His dick was hard in his pants, and very warm through the material and he was really grinding my face into it. He had a hand around the back of my head pulling me into him and I could hardly breath, a beer in the other hand. I could tell he didn't have any underwear on and was also had his leather cock-strap around the base of his cock and balls. The cock-strap always makes his dick and balls stand out more, not that he needs to that but it does tend to make him a bit more sexually aggressive when he's wearing it. Will also make him more aware of his own "equipment" having himself encircled tightly with leather. It certainly does when he occasionally harnesses my cock and balls up. Probably makes himself feel more dominant too.

Derek finished the beer he was having and made me get up and get another one from the fridge. When I came back he had his dick out over the top of his waistband and pulled me back down onto it. "Take the head in your fucking mouth bitch... just hold it in there and lick around the head... yea... keep going just like that till I've finished this beer... then you're getting it up inside that pussy of yours... so keep it hard... and lick all that pre-cum."

He was really ozzing pre-cum and I was forced to keep it all in my mouth, and swollow it. His pre-cum always had a strong musky taste as it ozzed out of his uncut dick and I tried to avoid it whenever possible. It humiliated me, and reminded me what was about to be injected up inside my arse. It made me always imagine big wads of his overpowering strong sperm squelching way up inside me after he forces a load into me. But I couldn't avoid the taste this time as he drank his beer and forced me to lick it off his dick while also breathing in the strong aroma of his trackpants crotch. Whenever I tried to pull away a bit he'd #&*(& ^()*&$hjkL:m fu*kit........

"Get off the keyboard bitch! I'm gonna tell this story. Kneel down over my thigh and get that fucking face into my army pants... yea... now fucking stay there and keep my dick hard!"

Hamilton. Yea, got the bitch to come down as I had to stay one more fucking night for work reasons. I'd also got some Viagra earlier in the week and wanted to try it on the bitch. Well, it's not Viagra but something called "Cialis" which is meant to be better and lasts longer. Viagra only lasts 3 or 4 hours and this stuff's meant to last about 12. That should take care of the overnight breeding anyway. The bitch doesn't know what's in store if this stuff works - and there's no way I'm going to let the cat out of the bag. What the bitch doesn't know won't hurt him. Well, on second thoughts it might hurt him!

Anyway, had another beer while the bitch sucked and licked my dick which was hard as. Took a 10mg viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy pill about an hour before the bitch arrived so I'd be ready. You don't stay hard all the time or anything, it's just as soon as something stimulates your dick it leaps to fucking life and is ready to go. The bitch was doing that nicely while I finished my beer. Only had three up to this point. When the bottle was empty I hauled the bitch off my dick and got him kneeling on the floor, bent over the side of the bed. Pulled his jeans down his thighs and yanked down my trackpants as I knelt behind him before leaning over his back and forcing my dick between his legs. Let the bitch feel it there for a couple of minutes as he tried to struggle before forcing him to reach around and lube me up. Still kneeling and leaning hard over his back to keep the bitch in position I worked my big dick up into the bitch. Nothing he could do to stop me. It was like we were two dogs with the fucking bitch unable to escape from me as I took his tight little pussy.

In that position I was inside there real deep with the bitch struggling and whimpering. As I held my dick all the way up inside the bitch I picked my tracks off the floor and stuffed them under his face. "Think you can get away from me bitch?... got news for you... my dick fucking RULES and that pussy's fucking mine!... dominate you whenever I want.... now take my fucking dick!!" I slowly fucked his pussy in that position for four or five minutes before pulling out and hauling the bitch up onto his front in the bed. Arse up. Pulled his jeans right off while my big dick lubed waved around all over the place then slid back inside the bitch after putting my tracks back under his face.

Felt really good opening his pussy up again and pushing through his tight muscle. Right back up into the bitch. I like the bitch having to take the whole thing while he squirms around trapped underneath me. Making him feel what it's like to have a MAN inside his pussy. And the whole length of his pussy is clamped around my DICK, which his entry muscle contracted around the base of my big shaft. Then I just use my hips to slowly thrust and extra inch or so, expanding my fucking cock-head as far as it will go. Make the bitch whimper every time.

My dick was rock hard and I had to take it easy so I wouldn't shoot too soon. Wanted to make the bitch feel really used! Not worth getting the bitch down for just a two minute fuck. But if this "Cialis" works his little pussy is sure gonna be sore by the morning! My dick probably will be too. Whatever. If it feels good, do it. I managed to hold off for about twenty minutes. The bitch whimpering and squirming underneath me. I then got him up on his knees to lift his pussy up, but kept his face down burried against my tracks. I was inside him to the hilt. Told the bitch I was going to get him fucking pregnant tonight then gave my dick a few harder thrusts for a couple of minutes before blowing. The first load of breeding seed jetted way up inside the bitch as he whimpered and squirmed. Love having that power over the bitch. Physically and sexually dominated. Shooting my raw seed and forcing the bitch to take it all. I pumped so much spunk this time that it was leaking our of his pussy!

There's not much more to tell really. The "Cialis" worked as advertised and the bitch spent the next eight hours or so overnight alternating between having his face in my crotch or being fucked. With his mouth or hand or arse around my dick it always got hard. This stuff was GOOD. I'd also jacked off last night into a pair of worn underpants so I used them in his face overnight instead of my tracks. Made the bitch go and lightly dampen them so my spunk was re-constituted before his nose was buried in them. When I was fucking him I could smell it myself. Anyway, it reminded him what was going up into his pussy.

I think I shot off about 4 or 5 times overnight, can't really remember. I just kept fucking the bitch every which way, but also just kept lying for long periods half behind and half on top, with my dick shoved way up inside the bitch. That was a bit of a head-trip. He kept trying to resist but my dick was in his pussy about half the fucking night, I do remember that. Really fucking dominated and raped the bitch. And I remember shooting a final rather feeble load into the bitch last thing in the morning. My balls were totally drained by then. But raw seed is raw seed and his pussy was squelching with my fucking spunk as I wouldn't let him get rid of it.

Really get off on that ultimate domination every time I feel my fucking seed squirting into the bitch. My own fucking climax of course and you know what that feels like, but with the added head-trip of forcing the struggling whimpering bitch underneath me to TAKE every fucking squirt. Dominant enforced bitch breeding!!

I made him drive back home in the morning with it all still inside him. The bitches pussy would have been sore and bursting by the time he got home. That's what a bitch is for anyway, taking care of my dick and my fucking man-seed. Hopefully it did it's job. I'll have to get me some more Cialis I think.

Milwaukee Teachers and Viagra

Milwaukee Public School teachers are demanding that taxpayers provide them with Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and other drugs to treat erectile dysfunction.

The MPS Cadillac health care plan just isn't good enough.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association has filed a civil suit claiming that MPS' exclusion of Viagra and other drugs that treat erectile dysfunction from its health insurance plans constitutes sexual discrimination against male employees.

Last September, an administrative law judge dismissed an earlier ruling that sided with the union, which filed an equal rights complaint in 2008. The state's Labor and Industry Review Commission upheld the decision in June.

The union now seeks a review of that decision by a Milwaukee County circuit court judge.

"This is an issue of discrimination, of equal rights for all our members," said Kristin Collett, spokeswoman for the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association.

According to documents contained in the MTEA lawsuit filed last month:

MPS first agreed to cover drugs that treat erectile dysfunction in 2002. By 2004, there were 1,002 claims for such drugs from MPS employees. During negotiations with the union for its 2003-2005 contract, MPS tried to stop coverage of the drugs, citing rising costs. An arbitrator sided with the district in 2005.

In 2008, the teachers' union filed a charge with the state's Equal Rights Division, complaining that not offering the drug violated the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act.

"The exclusion of an FDA approved, medically necessary drug from an otherwise comprehensive online pharmacy viagra plan violates Wisconsin's prohibition on discrimination on the basis of sex," the union argued.

...Some, including at least one state lawmaker, have criticized the union for asking the district to cover Viagra instead of using money to save teacher jobs. The district laid off 482 teachers in June, though it later recalled 89.

A consultant for the School Board has estimated that reinstating the drug benefit would cost $786,000 per year - the cost to keep perhaps a dozen first-year teachers employed.

$786,000 per year to reinstate the ED drug benefit is no small sum.

Will taxpayers also be expected to pick up the bill for all those pairs of bathtubs?

Erectile Dysfunction?
Erectile viagra?

It has been brought to my attention that there are some questions regarding Ed. Who he or what it is.

ED is NOT Erectile cialis.
Ed is an Eating Disorder.

In my blogs I speak of Ed, not ED.

So when I say I need to "Dance Alone" I can dance with a partner just not Ed. ;)

Hope that has cleared up any confusion out there.

I do not make fun or find fun in Erectile Dysfunction or anyone suffering from it.

Viagra for the Mind??!!?!?!!!??
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Viagra for the Mind??!!?!?!!!??

Anyone heard of Provigil? It is a narcolepsy drug that, when taken by non-narcoleptics, is said to significantly improve concentration and memory function, and raise IQ. Some have dubbed it "Viagra for the mind."

Johann Hari has written an interesting essay about his experience with Provigil. "It’s not an amphetamine or stimulant," he explains. "It doesn’t make you high, or wired. It seems to work by restricting the parts of your brain that make you sluggish or sleepy. No significant negative effects have been discovered."

Here he describes his experience while on the drug:
I picked up a book about quantum physics and super-string theory I have been meaning to read for ages, for a column I'm thinking of writing. It had been hanging over me, daring me to read it. Five hours later, I realised I had hit the last page. I looked up. It was getting dark outside. I was hungry. I hadn't noticed anything, except the words I was reading, and they came in cool, clear passages; I didn't stop or stumble once.

Perplexed, I got up, made a sandwich — and I was overcome with the urge to write an article that had been kicking around my subconscious for months. It rushed out of me in a few hours, and it was better than usual....The next morning I woke up and felt immediately alert. Normally it takes a coffee and an hour to kick-start my brain; today I'm ready to go from the second I rise. And so it continues like this, for five days: I inhale books and exhale articles effortlessly. My friends all say I seem more contemplative, less rushed — which is odd, because I'm doing more than normal. One sixty-something journalist friend says she remembers taking Benzadrine in the sixties to get through marathon articles, but she'd collapse after four or five says and need a long, long sleep. I don't feel like that. I keep waiting for an exhausted crash, and it doesn't seem to come.

Hhhhmmm... any thoughts out there on something like this?

Here is a negative piece from the LA Times on Provigil... it is particularly critical of the drug-maker's direct-marketing campaign on television, in magazines and through direct mailers, etc.

Again, any thoughts or knowledge out there on this?

It does seem a little Aldous Huxley-an to me, like soma in Brave New World.

Natural Cure Premature Ejaculation
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For many couples, sex is the one thing that either makes or breaks their relationship. Sure, there are many other factors that make a good marriage - money, ability to get along, amount of time that is spent together, etc. - but sex can be a melting point for some couples. While there are many different things that women want out of sex, what they really want is for their man to spend enough time to bring them to orgasm. That means enough time spent in foreplay so that she is properly arounsed, but it also means that the man must last long enough after penetration.

Alfred Kinsey, the noted sexologist, found that 20% of men ejaculate after two minutes of intercourse, with another 30% that don't last for more than five minutes. Countless others have trouble controlling their ejaculation long enough to satisfy the woman through the normal stages of sexual response which include excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. Forget the old wives tale that women don't have to have an orgasm to enjoy sex.

Unfortunately, for many men, the techniques for lasting longer include thinking about work at the office, or their last round of golf, or other outside activity instead of focusing on the enjoyment of his partner. Or, some meny wear condoms to de-sensitize the physical enjoyment. Neither one of those seems like a good idea if you really are wanting to enjoy sex!

Medical labs have developed natural male enhancement products to improve their sexual health, and these products help many men control their ejaculation. The principle behind natural male enhancement is that a healthy purchase cialis provides stronger erections, and gives the man more control during sex. To some people this may sound like snake oil, but in reality it's the truth. There are a variety of natural male enhancement products in a variety of forms (pills, patches, topical creams) for men who would like to improve their stamina and ejaculation control. One of the products we like is Climinax, an all-natural herbal formulation that helps prolong sexual intercourse without reducing the pleasure.


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